Best Story Of Depalde Read Full Story Part 1

Summer has come. Dhom shines with the sun, from the aura as if there are classes of fire. Woolen
Wool is lou y. Parewa is first.

Chaitra month gone. Baisakh is gone. came to River-lake water driers, shrubs

Leaves began to dry, human bodies began to dry, animals and birds began to cry.

Raja Depalde is a devotee of God Gohil; Reveals at night, pleads to the Lord: ‘O Merciful! May it rain! My animals, birds and humans are dying of hunger and thirst, God seems to have heard the king’s plea. Ashadha month sat and Mehula started raining. The earth was flooded. Grass grew on the hill.

Depald mounted the horse. Traveled in the state. If I see it, it’s true. Is my population happy or unhappy? If I see, is the farmer cultivating the field or not? Sow seeds or not? Do all have full bulls and full grains in their homes or not?”

The king goes on horseback: he goes looking from field to field. Peacocks are blooming, cattle are grazing, rivers are flowing, and farmers are singing and sowing seeds. Sahune Santi Babbe Bulls: How are the bulls! Slow and fast.

But at one place Rajaji stopped the horse. Seeing it, his heart ached. His life was cut off bud by bud.

A man drives the plough, but two oxen do not yoke the plough; A bullock is yoked on one side, and a bidi is yoked on the other.
A man drives a plough, an ox drives a stick. Bydney continues to stick. Sixteen of sticks have come up in Baidi’s barda. Bai To Bichari Roti Roti pulls the plough. If you stand, you are beaten.

King Depalde went to him. He went and said: “Hey brother! Keep the plow standing.” “Don’t stand up. What if I sow late? So what’s up, your forehead? Sowing and ghee-tawani! You have to sow without covering the paddy, Thakor!

Saying this, the farmer continued to push the plough. One stick hit the bull and one stick hit the woman.

Rajaji walked along with the plough. The farmer pleaded again: “Alas, brother! So cruel? Bind the bye to the plough!”

“What do you think of it? Bydee is mine, isn’t it? Dharar Jodish. Dharar Marish.” “Hey bro, are Sheed Jodi? Tell me the reason!”
“One of my friends is dead. I am a poor shepherd. Don’t get money to take a job.

* Rasdhara of Saurashtra

No one will ask for sowing, if you don’t sow, will you eat for the whole year? What to eat bydee-boys? That’s why it’s paired!’
Fact! Brother, the truth! Take, let me bring you the bullock, but throw away the baydi, I do not see it.’
standing up

Call that bull, then I will release it; Do not plant before that, plow. I will not keep it. This is sowing, you know?”

The king sent the servant: “Go, brother, plant roots in the fields.” the bull
Take it and come in an hour.”

Even the farmer is plowing. A woman cannot pull a plough. From his eyes
Tears are flowing.

The king said: “Brother, leave now. Stand up so often.” The farmer said: “Why should you stand today? Sowing Day; May the seeds of the whole year be reduced in the wrong time of the hour!
Rajaji went to Dubhai: “Are you so cruel as a man? Are you human?

A farmer’s tongue is like an axe! Back to the cattle farmer! When speaking, it is as if the flowers of the blacksmith’s heart are falling! He said the same: “If you are very kind, go, go! I’ll hook you up and leave you alone. Why have you come to eat false pity?’
“Right! OK!’ Saying this Raja Depald dismounted and got ready to pull the plough; Said: “Take, leave the two and join me.”

Bai released. Instead, Rajaji Jutana, people were watching.

Charan was senseless. By turning the king into an ox, he started plowing. Beating beats losing
The king pulled the plow from one end of the field to the other. An upheaval is over. A servant came there with an ox.

The king was released. Gave an ox to the cowherd.

Tears of purpose fell from Charani’s eyes. Those are the verses of the king

Khamma, my hero! Khamma, my father! Happy Diwali to your Rajpat!

Monsoon is over. Diwali came short. High leaves have grown in the field. All tall enough to graze a camel! Answer 52 of each plant: But how big? As usual! Full of grain in Donda! Dholi Dholi jowar and green green millet!
Charan was happy to see.
But why so in one place within the whole field? From one end of the field to the other

Do not find a single plant in the defeat! What a joke!
had come He plowed instead of my bidi, this is what he told the same shepherd who pulled the plough: Ha ha! That patient I was sowing and the King’s place was withered. Who knows how papio king! I did not see anything in his footsteps. The sown seeds are gone!’

The herdsman went home in anger, went and spoke to Baidi: ‘Go, go and look in the field. My grain did not grow in the ground as deep as the papaya’s feet.

Bai says: “Hey Charan! not have It was Ramaraja, truly you have forgotten Jarjat.’

“Then you go and see. If I get it again, I will drop it. It made me lose my grains. What a man with a sloppy stomach! If found, I will kill him.”
The shepherd ran to the field. Stomach rumbles, salutes the Sun, praises: “O Sun, you are hot, your body is hot; So Satya’s Sat Shid is wrong? Protect the life of my king, father!”

If you look at it, there was not even a drop of a drop, and if you drop all the other drops, the drop breaks!
What a joke!

But that crazy bard was clever.

Charani slowly went to one of the leaves of Harya. Gently bowed to release; Gently took the stick in hand. A gentle hand moved the green layer from the doonda.


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