Best Story Of Depalde Read Full Story Part 2

! what is this Not grains, but real pearls!Hunde Dunde Pearls: Glistening Silver: Night, Yellow and Sky Pearls. Pearl! Pearl! Pearl!
Pearls fell in Rajaji’s footsteps. Charani ran, reached home. Charan’s hand burned: “You fool, come with me!” Show you whether the king was a sinner or a pious person. Parana took it away; He went and showed: Charan repented seeing the pearl: “Ohoho! I such panota king What a waste!” Such a Devarajan

All pearls removed. Charan tied the rope, went to the village with the burden. King Depalde is sitting in office. He hears the happy stories of the farmers. The face brightens something! Charan put a piece of pearl at the feet of Rajaji. Unfolding the cloth, the whole room was covered with pearly lights.

Rajaji asks: “What is this, brother?

Charan Lalkari spoke sweetly;

He knew that the dead, the navelang moti nipje,
(Thus) with the wavarat vara, di tied, depalde O King of Depalde! If I had already known that you are a bank incarnate, if I had already known that you are a pearl of navalkha, then why would I have left you that day in Herma? The whole day with you plow-pulling! The whole field would have been covered with pearls for the whole day!

Rajaji did not understand anything. “Hey brother! What are you talking about?” Char did all the talking.
Rajaji laughed: “Hey brother! I did not ask the pearls. That is your woman’s merits; He was freed from what had troubled him, his life was satisfied; He blessed you, so these pearls ripened.’ Charan cried: “O Devaraja! I will no longer keep my charani a prisoner.’ Charan started walking. Rajaji kept him standing: “Brother! This pearl is yours. Your field has ripened. Take it yourself!’

“Father! Pearls of your virtue! You keep it.”

“No, brother! Your woman’s pearls of virtue: wear her. Take, I take the offerings of Sati.”
Rajaji took a pearl from that pile, put it on his head, then tied it and wore it in the dock.
The bard went away with the pearl; He went home and fell at the feet of the charani. Said: “Charani, I have troubled you a lot. Don’t bother now, ho!”

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