Dhundhalinath and Siddhanath

Sari Gya of a thousand years ago, laughed a little, stood leaning on the dang, he gulped the chalo, smoke started to fall from his washed beard. Gogetota started climbing higher. He closed his mouth and said;
This is all, bro! The last of the smokeam, then I feel the pair of Dhundhalinath-Siddhanath waking up alive, a thousand years become like the blink of my eye, this smoke. Dhundhalinath, dim like a blow, and Rudo Siddhanath, dark like a blaze of fire, seem to be present.
“Speak up!”
“Hey, how are you? E to tadha po’rna! After two hours, put it in the box. Missing a few nights! This is the matter of Ve’la. Face to face, what are the statistics of that?” Saying so much, chalam’s coffee rose in his. In our Sorath, there is some kind of tadha po gapata, but when I take the support of this covered hill and chant the chal eyes. The corners of his eyes turned crimson, and leaning on the cane he began to speak into the light of night….

The real name of Dhundhalinath is Dhundho; Koli of Jat. Re’to of this Vansavad Dim. I used to plant paddy fields that I drink. Jalam Koli’s stomach but life certificates in mercy. Don’t name violence. Varsovarus goes to get the girnar by selling the leaves of the buzzard. If there is enough money, he will feed the poor, come back and start sowing millets.
Gradually, the two who fell into the fog started to become one. Like attention, like food, like food. His spirit began to grow. The knot of the world is loosed. He went to Girnar after gathering the cows near the paddock of Bajra. Sat on some tree and performed penance by blowing smoke. For twelve years, the words of Geb were heard from the caves of Girnar: “Dhundhalinath! Dhundhalinath! Nav nath bhelo draamo nath tu dhundho.”

With the words ‘Ahalek!’, Guru Dutt meditated and remembered the nine Naths. While reminiscing, Jogsiddha Machendernath, Jalandharnath, Shantinath, nine Naths appeared before the Guru. The Guru said: “Jogandars, today a new achievement has come in our Jamaat. You nine Naths gathered and ten Dhundhalinaths will worship in the world in your pambat, I am blessed. Give your chalam, Saki to it. Jogandaranath, when everyone gathers, let one century drink the chalam, give the chalam to the other. But do not clear. Gave chalam to Dhundhalinath. Give a saree and give a coin. Buddha asked the reason. Nine Naths explained: “Gurudev, Dhundho Nath Khari, but his milk is right; He gave the milk coke and made him do the coke tasks by hand. So Dhundhalinath ji should do penance for you, purify you more, then we will clean you.”’

And Guru Dutt’s speech Pacho or Dhundhalinath! A seed between the bars: go into the ashes and light the smoke! Go father! Seeing you in the ranks of Chaurasi Siddha
Abu’s avidah was also completed and Dhundhalinath did penance and came back to Guru. Again the Guru presented the nine Naths. And they all got together and drank chalam, but Naveya Nath started saying to himself: This will lead to penance. It is light milk; Kok Di Ne Kok Di will do things not to be done.’

The dim light like a living flame of that brightness began to circulate in the world. Aravalli had to come to Chitodgarh in the hills.
The Rana of Chitod respected the Guru. Falling at Guru’s feet, the queen wept with water at night. There was a lot of soil loss in Rana’s Abharbara Raj. There was no present son in front of his face after taking the fire of the dying father.
Dhundhilinath meditated, in the fate of the Rana he read two sons written; But one jogi, one worldly. He said: “Ranaji! I have been back for twelve years. Two virgins will be playing at home. Guru’s command is to keep one of these stars and a path ready. She will sit in tears. Coming back after twelve years.”

How often do you know twelve years? Jatadhari Jogi wakes up Chitod Padar Ahalek. So Raja Rani Bey went out with Rajkunvar on her finger. One of the two houses would break down, and the other would wear out. Raja Rani wanted to keep Tejila’s son by feeding him. But how can the brilliance of Tej be covered? Do you stay out of sight of Dhundhalinath? Melaghela was picked up by Jogi. Twelve years old children ran away and the Guru fell on his wrist. The twelve-year-old boy was shaved and dressed in saffron as his parents looked on. He walked out in a panic. Rajarani returned to Chitorgarh shedding tears.

Dhundhilinath convinced Chela as Siddhanath. Gurumantra was blown in his ears and he reached the place where we are standing while teaching the lessons of Bhekh. This cover was not given. Here was Prehpatan city. To the chelas the Guru said: “Father, in this hill, a piece of cloth is kept along with the chalam for smoking ganja, it is called Safi.

I put twelve years of Samadhi. All of you should keep it here forever by turning it from house to house. Adopt the hungry and the crippled as your own. Complete my penance.” Saying that, Dhundhilinath bent his seat.

How did the chelas move from the bamboo? In the city, the bag was turned, but no one gave a pinch of flour. There are people who do not get mercy. But Siddhanath, who was 72-18 years old, was the seed of the kingdom: he was wise: he took each of the disciples and told them to cut wood in the mountains and sell them in the town and fill their stomachs with hard work! The religion of a Jogi is not to eat haram. Not at all in the closet. Go to the forest.

As the second di, third di, and fourth di happened, all the chelas measured the way, clashing their axes. One child Siddhanath remained. The seed of Ranakula, may it not change. At dawn, before the threads of the Pahor Pragad burst, the ashram was washed, the bushes were watered, Siddhanath, the rasadhar of Saurashtra.

Fly into the forest. In the evening, heavy bundles of fuel are sold in the city, Natra Nih like nipje. Take his lot. There was only one dog in the whole village who gave him a gate. That was the potter’s doshi. Eighteen year old Rupal Seeing the child pair, the crowd cheers.

Thus, for twelve years, Bal Siddhanath carried a heavy load and carried on fasting, covering his head. Smooth body right! How much help? Sadness was never seen in Chitaud’s Maulat. And here the emphasis came on him alone. Siddhanath Mungo Mungo went to serve the orphan suffering from this pain. Dhundhalinath’s meditation ended between the bars. Opening his eyes, the Guru looked at the ashram. Out of so many chelkas only one Siddhanath was present. Asked where everyone else is? Clever Siddhanath with a big belly turned the wrong answer; Guru was beaten.

Tired of many years, Siddhanath has jumped in the shade of a tree that afternoon. Sheela Vaira’s le’rele’re has got her bright eyes. Guruji is looking at the likeness of Chela. Distance is placed on the student’s face. At that time Siddhanath turned aside. The blanket over the head fell off, a fly sat on the head. The Guru came to Vhamam. Went and looked. The head is so hard that it contains a lot of salt. The smell is gone.


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