The Guru woke up the disciple. Asked: “What happened, kid?”

“Nothing, Father! It’s messed up.” Samdarpeta Siddhanath did not tell the truth. “Siddhanath!” Guru’s barking rose: “Forget that you are wearing a jog.” Asat will break your tongue. The words are true, Guruduhai.”
Siddhanath continued to talk, and smoke was released from Dhundhalinath’s eyes. The gap between penance rose sharply. The heap of forty-eight years of austerity was burning and burning. Hi from Haiya! Hi! Hi!” Abha started to cry, “Hey, hi, hi! Man of the world! Be kind! My child Siddhanath pulls the load until the worm falls in the head! And my penance! Let’s make a lot of trouble! What do I want to do with penance! Siddhanath! Baby! Run, let Oli Kumbharan know. barely escape. Don’t look back: today I am reversing the fall.”
Saying that, the ashram shook. Shrubs burned. And Trahi! Trahi! Shouting, Siddhanath folds his hands and shouts “Gurudev! Gurudev! The virtues of penance are not lost. Hey dad! Humans are all made of clay. Their stomachs are shallow. Don’t look at it, look at our face. Be strong ma! Killing millions, sighing, imagining: Why will you be seen and heard, Gurudev?”
But Guru Waryu did not stay. Mandya Homva to Tapasya. Hand lifted kappa; The earth began to tremble as if it were crying. The hill swayed. The wind began to blow, tearing the curtains of the direction. For the last time the Guru said: “Siddhanath! Now the arrow is released from the bow. running; run,

Cuttack vap
I want to do it, you have to take care of yourself a little bit by hand, I want Kotkangar to turn your hand and call me every day. Every day I took out Olipo, I came back, finally the day was not over
Jodi stood up. Baun, ask for some cloth,” said Tane Magish Bhai b
The king raised his hand on the floor of the sort, someone said that it was a chariot: that is, the queen walked away without saying. He told the whole thing to King Shalivahan. King Fo Dane Dane A horseman gets up, chanting the mantra, the bag is brought to punish King Nagajana without any delay.
Here, the cover is like Lanka. Thirty-six-thirty is his Kanakkot Go. Guru Siddhanath took Nagajana and ascended Akkek Kotha. Dichdin foretold such an agam, made Jugjug’s prophecy. When and what will happen, how the rise and fall of Jethwa will take place, Siddhanath narrated. Then leave Nagajan! Now let me go, baby! Because of me, Guru accepted the great sin. He sold penance and called for murder. After washing all the dirt, I am now on my way. Amgra Panth is insurmountable, Father! Be your consent! Your time is up. But you will miss the path of Satna! You know the rest. Do you have a nightmare of death?’
Young Siddhanath fell by the wayside. One is the Kshatriya and the other is the clan of Chitorgarh; The brightness of Jog mixed in it: like Virbhadra, that Mahati was freed from death! Ahalek! Speaking, awakening the world, someone walked into a dark cave.
The period of Nagajan is getting closer and closer. The vehicle’s side lights flash. After climbing Kanakkot, the king sat dead.
Shalivahan’s army pitched their tents while taking cover. Kot started running on the way up. But Jogi’s stronghold is not broken; Not even a single stone gives a crack
“Someone go and bring Nagajan’s head? I will go back with that one head.” Shalivahana Raja declared.
Kumtya Soozhi to a shepherd, he nodded. Charan Dhak walked into town. In earlier times, no one stopped the Charan, Fakir or Sadhu if the battles were going on as they wanted. Charan Shatrupaksha’s, but he is charan: such is his trust. Bharos forgot and let the medicine come into the town.
And Kalamukha Charan went and woke up Nagajana’s Dasondi. “Come, let’s play sogathe and beat the head of our king in a bet..”
On that day, brother! The king’s head and honor are saved by the shepherd’s hands, right! Kamatiya Dasondi became the head of Nagajan in Chopat. The horseman of Shalivahan rolled the dice, made arbitrary bets, won, got soiled. Say “Bring your king’s head.”
Dasondi will go with his mouth! But Nagajan heard the word and shouted: “Hey, my Dasondi! My heart will walk on its vena.
In his lap the Kshatriya lays fearless with his head bowed; Called the cowherd.” Dasondi stood near the king with his legs lowered and his head down. But he did not see anger in Nagajan’s eyes nor did he look up at his mouth. His lips were beating in front of the song. Behind him came the king’s chariot. The king called for a gold plate and gave it to Charan. Show me today, Charan! If you had not lost my head in a bet, I would have left the fortress window and the world would not have seen my fight. And haWay?’ Taking advantage of the opportunity of the enemy king, Nagajana said: “Now this headless body will become a meteorite, Charan should take this head and give it to your king and tell him to fight against the body of Nagajana and tell your beloved queen – my daughter, to come out to see the battle of the brother.”

”Saying this, the Naga threw the sword. Dasondi took the head in a plate and gave it to the enemy’s charan. The four ran. went out the door.

Here Nagajana’s kabandha (torso) flew off, took two samsheras in both hands, and marched headless. 152 Blood is bursting out: on the head it is as if the night is playing Kalinga and on the chest two eyes are bursting out.The hero marched, swords drawn, struck the army of chariots. started spinning. The heads of the enemies began to cross, the army fled. The king fled, Kabandh ran behind. The time of the chariot arrived, there was no escape.

Son Rani came out at that time. It stood horizontally blocking the road. Palav Patharyo. The sword-wielding band stopped as if it had seen its sister. The sword was dropped and the hand raised as if to give something. As if asking: “Bon, ask for it.”

My hero! Te di ven dio’tu that I will give you the core of the cloth. Today, I want you to be calm because of my fire, brother!
After hearing the word, the body was shaken. Samshero fell to the floor. In the evening where thousands of dead bodies were lying, Guru Siddha Nath appeared, and Jogandar shed tears while sitting by Nagajan’s dead body. There and there he took samadhi.
“Such talk of our Maldhari, brother! Moruki thing comes up now. We would spend the night in the dark and spend the night talking like this.”

Having said this, the old shopkeeper turned back to the chalam and began to exhale smoke, and continued to meet with red eyes. Above the borders of the earth, the blue sky was hanging like a jogi’s jattajut. The rising sun, like the crimson eye of a fool, was enveloped in blue.

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