The owner of this name

It was a new day of Diwali: in the khalawad of Vadod village, khalas were being prepared with masli-upani. Jaga Patel’s daughters-in-law were in a frenzy of new cloths and jewellery. There was a lot of talk. It rained pearl-like seeds on the ground and the tips of the sowers’ picks were moving.

Fist-bursting millet, glistening in the winter sun, lies in the threshing floor. Jago Patel is watching the meeting in front of his bajra ganj. Lilawani Bajro does not catch his eye. In the morning, he has the intention of sin.
It thinks “Whoa! My brother is broken by hard work: this millet is ripe, we sweat it: and now Thala Mafat’s court will take his kingdom!’

And stopped a few times, looking at the millet. Once again the food spoke from the stomach: If I fill a cart or two with millet and make it home in the night, my suwang will be enough, it will not be strained in Rajbhag.’

As the midnight alarm broke, Patel, along with his brother and his companion, filled the cart with millet from the khela. Just as Bhudev doesn’t take care of his stomach while eating tarpindi, Jaga Patel also greedily filled the cart with millet beyond the limit and went home with the last night’s cart attached. The companion was driving; himself walked in front of the cart; And his brother was walking behind the cart.

The axle of the cart came out of Gudia due to the load beyond the limits of the village padar dhunka; And the cart wheel stopped moving. Jago Patel confused. All three worked hard. But the car did not rise. The theft of the owner means that if you go to call someone for help, you will be caught; Also, the back of the car has also fallen apart, so the cart cannot be emptied again. Thus Jaga Patel felt like a snake swallowed a mole. It will be morning – if it will be light, it will be a disaster.

Mandya to see the vat that was stolen. In such a situation, Gajabhai Gohil, who had to do God’s work, went to the forest at dawn according to his usual rule, carrying a flask of water in his right hand. As it was falling, the mouth of the court was tied with a boka. Only the eyes of the court were glaring outside.

As soon as the Darbar left Jaga Patel’s carriage, Jaga Patel, considering that the Garjawan had no sense, assumed a by-passer for the Darbar and thought in his mind that this

As the man is unknown, the villagers will not know that I am taking the millet to Chanoma, assuming that he hastily said that the young man! A little bit of this car

Go get it done
Darkness, fear, and court-mouthed boca; So Jaga Patel then to the court
Not recognized; But the court recognized Jaga Patel. The court understood that way

Having to give the bajra of Ramag, Patel takes a cart full of rice, but the court thought that if I am recognized, a man like Jaga Patel will be ashamed. So Patel looked down in such a way that he didn’t recognize himself, supported the cart and raised the wheel, so Patel put the axle and drove the cart, satisfied and drove home gone.

* Will be! Have! What happened if the poor man worked hard day and night and his mind went bad after collecting grains! That is also our population, thinking like this, the court left.

It must have been about six months since this happened. In the heart of the sea of the court there is no ease of the above. At that time guests came to the court. The Havaldar went there to Jaga Patel to get good beds and mattresses for the guests. When Patel attacked, the Havaldar made a bitter promise to Jaga Patel, so Patel got angry. He himself said that “I want to live in such a court village Not at all.’”

The Havaldar also said in a huff that “Then you fell to Sheed? Can’t you find it anywhere else? Come on!”
That’s why Jaga Patel was scarred from head to foot. Dubai in the night in the carriage. The court knows nothing about this. But the next morning, while the Darbar deli was working, Jaga Patel left the deli with carts full of his children, furniture and cattle. The people of the village tried to convince him, but Patel insisted. The Darbar came to know, so the Darbar also got down from the chopat and explained a lot to Jaga Patel and asked the reason. Jaga Patel got angry and said “Darbar! Our daughters-in-law have brought two good rugs in Ana, let’s throw them away, we will sleep in such a thick blanket, then your three-clothed havaldar will scold us! Flap! We can’t afford that.”

The court learned the whole thing from Saburi. Many were sorry. Punished the Havildar, and told Patel “Father! You are my golden bush. Forgive and turn back.”

But Jago Patel did not understand in any way. So Darbar went to Jaga Patel’s side and said in his ear that “Patal! Go even if you go; But he who turns millet with the support of a rich cad, such a rich man, ho!”

Saying this, the court left. But here Patel’s bones trembled.

Patel didn’t say anything, he only had one thing in his mind that his name was changed. I had stolen, that is in many gori, Kare and Madi, for the sake of the two, forgive me, but in that matter I longe the a thali and do not reprimand the pal in private! Alas, thinking that I will find such a rich man elsewhere, Patel did nothing, his descendants are still living in this village. About half of all this happened.

A similar incident is said to have happened about Gondal Darbar Bha Kumbhaji.

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